Totally Look like....

            cate blanchett to star as galadriel...

Ian McKellen as gandalf...

Andy Serkis as Gollum

Orlando Bloom as Legolas...

Elijah Wood as frodo ...

Hugo Weaving as Eldrond

Christopher Lee as saruman...

hundreds of short people try out for elven roles...

wannabe elves queue for hours... reports:

People queued for about two hours for the Elf extras call for the Hobbit at Te Whaea Men had to be taller than 183 cm and women 175 cm. Rowan Fordham, 32 , left, Samantha Lee, 21 and Max Austin, 42. Max came from the Blue Mountains, Australia to audition he works in the film industry as a fight scene choreographer.

Some tried to stack the odds with platform heels, but there was no fooling casting agents on the hunt for elvish folk.

Hundreds of people flocked to Te Whaea dance and drama centre in Newtown on Saturday in response to a casting call for The Hobbit, seeking people to play elves and elven riders in the Lord of the Rings precursors, which are due to start shooting next month.
The audition called for men over 1.83m tall and women over 1.75m, aged between 17 and 40.
Wellington woman Carys Lloyd, 24 and 1.85m tall, said she arrived 15 minutes before the advertised time, and there were already about 200 people ahead of her.
''There were some girls in really, really high heels and they would have had to wait for three hours just to get turned away because they were too short.''

She and her husband waited for about two hours in line for their turn.
''We got in the room, they took our height, measured our head circumference, bust, waist, hips and shoe size, took a close-up and a full-body shot, and that was it.
''It was literally a two-hour wait for two minutes inside.''
Ms Lloyd said despite the cold wind that kept those in line shivering during their wait, she did not mind all the standing around.
''It was just good practice for if we do get in, because I know it's just going to be a full-on day of waiting around. ''But I just want to experience it and see what it's like it'd be cool to be able to say I was in a movie.''

Ian Holms not sure if he should be heading to NZ yet..

the actor who plays bilbo baggins doesn't know if he is coming back for the third movie

the belfast telegraphs reports

Sir Ian Holm apparently still doesn't know if he'll be packing his bags to head to New Zealand for The Hobbit.
The acclaimed actor had been in talks with the film's producers about reprising his role as hobbit Bilbo Baggins, which he played in the first and third Lord Of The Rings films, and it had been reported that he was included in the star-studded cast for Peter Jackson's forthcoming prequel, due to start filming in New Zealand next month.

But he told the Daily Telegraph: "I don't know what's happening - I haven't heard anything for weeks."

The 79-year-old was keen to return to the part and was hoping to act alongside Martin Freeman, who plays the younger version of the character.

"I had great fun playing Baggins in the first two films and the plan had been, with Martin Freeman playing Young Baggins, I would be the Old Baggins. I suppose the earthquake in Christchurch couldn't have helped with communications," he said.

Melissa Booth, a spokesperson for the company making the film, said: "Filming starts on March 21," without addressing Sir Ian's remarks.

casting call for elves

if you happen to be in new zealand - the land of the long white cloud and also happen to match the following criteria then YOU too can be an elf:

physical build is tall and slender.

aged between 17 to 40 years old (yep elves top out at 40 years old, no wrinkles here)

 men should be at least 6ft (183cm) or taller

women at least 5ft 9 (175cm) tall.

hobbit movie titles

hobbit movie titles

collider recently reports that New Line Cinema recently registered two film titles: 

The Hobbit: There and Back Again


The Hobbit: An/The Unexpected Journey.

the cast

the cast

Beorn - Mikael Persbrandt
Bifur - William Kircher
Bilbo Baggins - Martin Freeman
Bofur - James Nesbitt
Bombur - Steven Hunter
Dori - Mark Hadlow
Drogo Baggins - Ryan Cage
Dwalin - Graham McTavish
Fili - Rob Kazinsky
Frodo Baggins - Elijah Wood
Galadriel - Cate Blanchett
Gandalf - Sir Ian McKellen
Gloin - Peter Hambleton
Gollum - Andy Serkis
Kili - Aidan Turner
Legolas - Orlando Bloom
Lord Balin - Ken Stott
Nori - Jed Brophy
Oin - John Callen
Ori - Adam Brown
Radagast -Sylvester McCoy
Saruman - Sir Cristopher Lee
Thorin - Richard Armitage