Production Diary #10

Peter Jackson’s Video Blogs on the making of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey continues in this 10th installment, covering the movie’s Premiere in Wellington, New Zealand.

The video starts from the period 25th of November, a few short days before the world premiere. The movie is described as digitally dripping wet, with the crew still  wrapping up the Dolby mix.

The theater to house the world premiere had 26 surround speakers which facilitated a 360 degree movement of sound.

A giant Gollum suspended on the ceiling of Wellington airport greeted visitors  The dwarves disembarked from a plane and the remaining cast were reunited for the premiere in Wellington.

422 meters was the Guinness record for longest red carpet which was set for 2003 Return of the King premiere in Wellington.  The red carpet this time doubled around the venue in an attempt to beat the previously set record.


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